Becca Brin Manlove

Becca Manlove

Becca Brin Manlove's kids have mostly forgiven her for being a tree-hugging writer. She continues to make her home in the woods.  In the summer, she practices gardening and makes green tomato salsa (short growing season), and the rest of the year she skijors behind her dog Psycho Mantis. Becca hasn't quit her day job, but she has completed her next manuscript, Sweet Dreams, Michael, which is based on the grief/dream journal she kept for the first year after she lost her husband. 

 She enjoyed working with illustrator Sharon Hathaway, one of her three sisters (they have a brother, too) on her first book, Hauling Water.  Most of the essays in Hauling Water were originally written for The Ely Summer/Winter Times, so they are a smorgasbord of life in the woods near Ely, MN. They romp through almost thirty years—from her first canoe trip when she met two great loves of hers: the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness and Mike Manlove, through activities like hauling water, chasing bears, burning brush piles, listening to ravens, and camping with twelve-year-olds. Some chapters acknowledge that the warmth of a fire is most precious when we are hunkered down in the path of an Alberta clipper. Other offerings include thoughts on long-standing Thanksgiving traditions, September 11th, and an epilogue about losing a loved one.

Becca writes to play, to grieve, to celebrate, to notice, to share. It’s a path she starts down, sometimes with trepidation or weariness, but often with curiosity and anticipation, because she never knows what she will find.



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