Kevin Strauss

Kevin Strauss

Award-winning author and storyteller Kevin Strauss has been using stories to entertain, educate and inspire children and adults for more than a decade. Based in Rochester, Minnesota, Kevin travels across the Midwest to perform at schools, libraries, preschools and community events.

Kevin is the author of Loon and Moon and Other Animal Stories. His other titles include Tales with Tails: storytelling the wonders of the natural world, winner of the prestigious national 2008 Storytelling World Award.

Kevin completed a Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Biology/Creative Writing at Beloit College in Wisconsin and a Master's Degree in Curriculum and Instruction at Northern Illinois University. He went on to teach at several nature centers, including a stint as Executive Director at the innovative Prairie Ecology Bus Center in Lakefield, Minnesota, where the "center" is a mobile classroom nature center on a bus. In 1998, Kevin decided that rather than being a naturalist who tells stories, he wanted to be a storyteller full-time, and he's done that ever since.

When not performing, Kevin likes to spend time hiking, canoeing and camping with his family and making up new stories to tell to his daughter. For Kevin, there is no sweeter sound that the words, "Tell me a story."



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