Nancy Scheibe

Nancy Scheibe

Nancy Scheibe began a new phase of her life when she reached the age of 50 in 2004. She embarked on a kayaking expedition down the Mississippi River to gather women’s wisdom. In the fall of 2011, she completed the third and final leg of her multi-year journey from the headwaters of the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico. She has three books about the adventure out to date, Water Women Wisdom, Ripples of Wisdom, and Waves of Wisdom.  Her books are written with unusual honesty and with vivid and poetic descriptions of nature. She uses her artistic talents to accent her books with delightful illustrations and photos.

Nancy’s artistic talent is expressed in a variety of mediums. One of her favorite things to do is take someone’s manuscript and bring it to life with illustrations of enduring characters. She provided the illustrations for author Kevin Strauss' collection of read-aloud campfire stories entitled Loon and Moon and Other Animal Stories. Her artwork is expressive and meaningful.

When Nancy is not out paddling, writing, or in her studio painting, she is often found tending her gardens or at work with her husband, Doug, at their coffee shop The Front Porch Coffee and Tea Co. in Ely, Minnesota. She was the third of eight children born in Minneapolis, but feels the woods of northern Minnesota are home. She has three grown children and one grandson. Nancy can be contacted at or You can follow her journey on the Ripples of Wisdom Facebook page.

In 2013, Nancy Scheibe was the recipient of the Teachers of Experiential and Adventure Methodology’s Dr. James Gillihan Award for her work with the Ripples Of Wisdom Project. The award is given to people who are considered servant leaders, people who step forward to help others expecting nothing in return and exemplify the four qualities of a Lakota warrior: bravery, fortitude, generosity and wisdom.

Dr. Jim Gillihan – Tatanka Ska (White Buffalo) was of Irish and Cherokee heritage. His great-grandparents traveled on the Trail of Tears. Dr. Gillihan was made the fourth Keeper of Sitting Bull’s Pipe and carried it with humble dignity in service for the People for twenty-four years. In 1973 he was able to help with the peaceful negotiations between the federal marshals and the embattled Indians at the ‘standoff’ at Wounded Knee. Dr. Gillihan was accorded the highest civilian honor in four different states. He lived his life with honor, dedication, integrity and a sense of purpose and was a living ripple effect in action who made peace an action verb.



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