Rebecca Stouffer

Rebecca Stouffer

Rebecca Stouffer is an aspiring farm girl at heart, as well as an heirloom seed saver.

 Her artwork reflects the lifestyle from simpler times of long ago, which is how she tries to live.

Growing flower and vegetable gardens, watching the bees, feeding the chickens and

collecting their eggs, harvesting seeds, and preserving food for the winter months.

Enjoying the cyclical beauty of the four seasons. Old-fashioned items seem to weave

their way into Rebecca’s art. The illustrations and lifestyles of Tasha Tudor and Beatrix Potter

have greatly inspired her over the years. During her childhood and the years that followed,

she always sketched and painted. Primarily a self-taught artist, her favorite medium is watercolor

combined with pen & ink for greater detail. She has created several lines of greeting cards,

which morphed their way into storybooks. Recently, her life's journey has

taken a similar route. Rebecca has stepped out on faith and is focused on

selling her artistic creations full time.


Rebecca Stouffer has illustrated, authored, and self-published three books: Mr. Diggity Shrew & the Root Soup(2015), The Heirloom Garden-Fun Facts & Coloring Book (2015), and Soul's Garden(2005).   


Our Awards

Raven Productions book awards include:

  • Eric Hoffer Book Award
  • Eric Hoffer "da Vinci eye" Award (for cover art)
  • Northeastern Minnesota Book Award
  • Lupine Award
  • Independent Publisher Book Award
  • Midwest Book Award
  • The Moonbeam Children’s Book Award
  • Next Generation Indie Book Award

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