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Big Fish Dreams - May 2018


Follow the tale of a boy, a family fishing trip, and a beautiful salmon traveling persistently toward her spawning place. Will she make it? Will the boy catch the fish of his dreams? Big Fish Dreams, written by Lori Peelen and illustrated by Consie Powell, masterfully intertwines the story of the boy and the salmon while teaching children about ecosystems, watersheds, and the part salmon play in the health of both. A non-fiction section provides more detail about salmon and follows a raindrop’s path through a healthy watershed.

Author Lori Peelen lives in California, where she spends her time tending her walnut orchard, vegetable garden, a flock of hens, honeybees, two elderly horses, four stray cats, and two unruly dogs. In addition to writing children’s books, Lori works as a speech therapist, where she is constantly amazed by how kids see the world. Interested in more about Lori Peelen? Check out her blog at

Illustrator Consie Powell is an artist and writer who loves to snoop in nature’s lovely untidy places, has a soft spot for predators, and sometimes finds a story that links the two. She creates books for young readers, binds her own sketch journals, and helps others learn the joys of taking visual and written notes to keep track of how life dances around us. She is an award-winning author and illustrator of a dozen books and enjoys paddling her wooden canoe near her home on the edge of the Boundary Waters. See more of Consie’s artwork and books at



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